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Give a temporary home

Dogs living in kennels have little contact with people. They revert to wildness and forget how to act in a home. Some never had one. Due to their unpredictable behavior it's difficult to find them a new owner. A temporary home gives them a chance to live normally. Many dogs undergo an amazing transformation after leaving a kennel - they turn from a depressed, downtrodden mutt to an enthusiastic and energetic companion. A temporary carer can assess the dog's character and determine whether the animal can live in a flat or share its living space with children or other pets.

By giving a dog a temporary home you:

  • give him a real chance of being happily adopted, which is impossible in a kennel
  • contribute to reducing the number of stray dogs in Poland
  • gain a great companion, even if you are unable to own a dog permanently
  • are guaranteed constant assistance from a group of our associates, who will provide you with advice, dog food as well as assist you in finding the dog a new home.

  • Few people decide to become temporary dog carers. Many are afraid of forming a strong bond with the animal, which would make it difficult to part ways. It's important to understand that this would be selfish: you should always remember that it's better to help many dogs, rather than just one. It's true that the dog will get used to you very quickly, but it will also quickly get used to its permanent owner. Try to use the heartbreak of parting with your temporary pupil as fuel for helping other animals.

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