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Simple ideas

There are many ways to help:

  • You can organize a donation in your school or workplace. Our foundation needs many things besides money; items in constant demand include blankets, duvets, towels, collars, muzzles, leashes, toys, dog food and flea treatments
  • You can help us run our stand at the Earth Day, during charity concerts and other events
  • You can visit a local school with a short presentation about the issue of stray dogs
  • You can help us distribute our flyers in vets' offices, local pet shops and among your friends

You can download our donation flyer and e-mail it to your friends (caution: the flyer is a low-res file, not suitable for printing)

  • You can help us by assisting in publishing ads for dog adoptions
  • You can donate handmade (or other interesting) items for our charity auctions
  • You can come up with an activity of your own!

Last year a pair of newlyweds informed us that they asked their wedding guests to give them dog food instead of flowers. Those who came without dog food were given a chance to donate money to a collection can. The newlyweds received over 70kg of dog food and 300PLN - all thanks to a request on the wedding invitation.

You too can find a way to help. It's worth it - you'll see.

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